It all began with a simple question. What woman doesn't want a classic every-day wearable piece of jewelry? It's something countless women search for and can so seldom find.

This longing is exactly why Elizoebeth created her highly curated fine jewelry line. 

After an endless search for a quality personalized necklace commemorating the birth of her first daughter, she was disappointed in what the market had to offer. Gold filled, gold plated, vermeil, poor quality, made overseas, no options for personalization...and expensive!

As a Management Consultant working with Fortune 500 companies, Elizoebeth knew there must be some way to create the distinct pieces she so longed to wear and provide these pieces to women just like her. Elizoebeth continued her consulting work while designing jewelry on the side. As her debut Personalized Collection began to gain traction, in 2013 she made the decision to resign and run her fine jewelry business full time. She is committed to providing discerning women with gorgeous, quality options to meet their own desires and express their sartorial tastes.

Her credo is simple: "Classic, refined jewelry for the modern woman."

Which is how she formed her Company Values:

QUALITY - This is first and foremost. Each piece is made to order by expert goldsmiths and stonesetters who have been perfecting their trade for decades. All of her pieces are made from solid 14k gold. Which means your jewelry will look just as beautiful years down the road as the day they arrived.

CURATED - Elizoebeth designs with purpose and intention. Each piece is carefully designed with thoughtful attention as to how it will be worn. She believes that less is more when it comes to accessories.  Her Collection reflects a discerning eye - offering up the core essentials to the modern woman's fine jewelry essentials.

CONSCIOUS MINDED - Commitment to gems and diamonds sourced from conflict free regions, use of recycled 14k gold gold, local manufacturing are all the more reason why you can wear your gilded EJ pieces with pride and love. Because, after all, that's exactly how they were made!

Elizoebeth lives in Colorado with her husband and two little sprites: Isabel and Juliet.