When I started my jewelry line four years ago, the very first pieces I made were the (now best selling) Personalized Crest Necklaces. I made these necklaces because I had my heart set on a 14K personalized necklace for my firstborn's monogram and couldn't find what I was looking for in the market.

After much searching, I designed and made one for myself, then loaded a few into my online shop. The first few were sold to friends and demand picked up from there. Those necklaces were the very beginning of my jewelry business. Since then, countless women have purchased one of the Crest necklaces to commemorate the birth of their own precious babies.

At the start of this year, I decided to give the Personalized Collection a refresh. With the single goal of providing women with more quality options for personalized jewelry.

Having met so many truly amazing women and mommas alike as I raise my girls and also through my business - I knew it was time to create a capsule collection of pieces that allowed these women to express their own individual tastes. Personalized jewelry with a hefty dose of love + soul.

Now, months in the works and very happily, nearly finished. (Hallelujah!) I'd love to share my design inspiration and to also give you an opportunity to opt in for early notification when the Collection goes live in a few weeks.

An important note: this is an equal opportunity Collection that is truly an accessory workhorse. Meaning it is specifically designed for ALL women who want to celebrate special dates, occasions, or their own unique initials, regardless of whether you have little ones scampering about!

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The New Personalized Collection builds on the Hand Engraved pieces in the Shop that are rapidly turning into fan faves. This is the new Diamond Letter Signet. It's edgy, feminine and completely one-of-a-kind.

One last important note: Buying gorgeous, handmade jewelry now benefits mothers in need: 5% of all proceeds for the month of April and May will be donated Every Mother Counts

Thank you and stay tuned!




March 29, 2017 by Elizoebeth Jensen